Thursday, March 1, 2012

March 2012 is National Nutrition Month!

March is National Nutrition Month!  Take this month to make small achievable goals towards better health.

Today's tip is to account for liquid calories.  High calorie beverages can undo even the best of intentions and weight loss efforts.  A cup of coffee or tea has no calories, however you must keep in mind the milk, cream, sugars, and syrups you may add.

Whole milk and fruit juices do contain healthy nutrients, however they are very calorie dense.  Rather than fruit juice - a piece of fruit is less calories and has more fiber.  If you are really hooked on juice, try a "splash" of juice in a glass of seltzer or water.  Choose 1% or Skim milk over Whole Milk.  There are plenty of great tasting skim milks (such as SkimPlus and Over The Moon) on the market today.    Soda, is laden with sugar and not much else - alcoholic beverages contain more calories than you might even think.

Save your calories for the food.  Calories from beverages do not tend to keep you satisfied.   Choose no-cal beverages such as water (which you can flavor with a lemon, lime, cucumber, or orange slice), naturally flavored seltzers, unsweetened iced tea (which you can use flavored tea bags), and unsweetened coffee.